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Stimulating lectures are available for diverse audiences in Israel and abroad. The talks deal with Israel’s relations with the world, government and politics, national security, civil-military relations and the ramifications of current events, trends and influencers. The content and length of the talks are tailored to the type and size of the crowd, can be given in Hebrew or English, and can be given using remote tools such as Zoom. The presentations make use of audiovisual materials.


Some of the possible topics:

  1. The new normal? Israel-Sudan relations and their future implications

  2. The Biden presidency and US-Israel relations

  3. The Chinese Dream, Sino-American relations and the impact on Israel

  4. The rising power of Africa and its relations with Israel

  5. Pax Israeliana: How has Israel become a force that promotes world peace?

  6. IDF 2.0: The future social and technological needs & developments of Israel’s military

  7. Making the headlines: How to navigate and communicate through Israel’s media scene

  8. In God they trust: the relationship between politics and religion in the United States and its implication for Israel

  9. Kim’s Hermit Kingdom

  10. Israel 2048: Jerusalem’s current and future foreign and security goals

  11. Understanding Trump

  12. How are international schools vital?

  13. Understanding Israel’s people, culture, mentalities

  14. Highway 1: The politics and government of Israel

  15. Climate change and its geopolitical ramifications

  16. The age of viruses

  17. Rwanda: Genocide in the country of a thousand hills

  18. The final frontier: the militarization of space

  19. Twin brother: The Israeli story in Singapore

  20. ​​Yes they can: The Abraham Accords and future relations between Israel and the Muslim world

  21. A Duty to Remember: The Israel Defense Forces' Approach to Holocaust Education

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